Microsoft Windows 7 compliance

Q. Is Wolfson Software Microsoft Windows 7(tm) compliant?
A. The short answer to this is yes. The Wolfson Unit suite of Windows programs has been tested on computers with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit installed and the programs all function correctly.

Depending on the security settings for the computer being used, Windows 7 may show ‘User Account Control’ dialogs when running Wolfson installations or running Wolfson programs from a network drive, please read on...

If you have any further questions that are not answered in the details below then please contact the Wolfson Unit.

Help Files

The help file format (.HLP) supplied with our software is no longer supported in Microsoft Windows 7 but you can still view the files with no problem. This is explained in detail in this Microsoft article. You can view our help files in Windows 7 by downloading the WinHlp32.exe program from this Microsoft page.

Hardware Dongles

Parallel port dongles are being phased out, as their drivers are not supported by our hardware lock suppliers anymore. The latest installations of our software contain the new Windows 7 compatible drivers for USB dongles, which have been tested extensively under XP, Vista and 7 32 and 64 bit. Our clients are still entitled to free program updates, but we strongly recommend upgrading to USB dongles. The upgrade cost is £110.00, which includes shipping with guaranteed delivery. The new dongle will be shipped on receipt of the old one.

ShipMotions Program

The ShipMotions program relies on background code that has not been compliant with 64bit operating systems. We have recompiled this code and it is now compliant, please download the latest version from our Customer Download Area.

‘Security Warning’ pop-up dialogs

The Wolfson Unit has obtained a digital Software Publisher Certificate (SFC) from a trusted Certification Authority, which has now been built into all our installations and executables in the form of a Microsoft Authenticode® digital signature. This ensures that the software downloaded from our website and the programs supplied in the Wolfson Software CD Rom actually come from us and have not been tampered with since their publication.

The digital signature of our programs can be inspected by right-clicking any Wolfson executable and then selecting Properties > Digital Signatures.

Depending on the personal User Account Control settings, the operating system may now bring up a dialog (below) asking for permission to continue and showing a link to our Software Publisher Certificate. Just click ‘Yes’ to continue.

Digitizing Tablets

Some of our software is compatible with digitizing tablets. Most digitizer manufacturers have now released Windows 7 drivers for their products. Our HST program has been updated to use third party drivers for using the recommended digitizing tablet GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard VI.

This information was last updated on 11th May 2022.

W7 User Account Control dialog