Sailing Yacht Design Books

Originally published in September 1998 for a WEGEMT School run jointly with Ship Science, the two volumes offer the unique combination of a comprehensive presentation of the physical mechanisms that influence a yacht’s behaviour, coupled with an up to date description of the practical design methods employed.

The books cover many applied examples and cover a wide range of topics. The Sailing Yacht Design; Practice covers topics such as one-design yachts, super-yachts, case study for cruising catamarans, cruiser racer, racing yachts, hull design and evaluation, appendage design, sail design, composite engineering, mast design, rating and handicap rules and many more practical examples. The Sailing Yacht Design Theory covers topics such as aerodynamics of sails, stability, hydrodynamics, velocity prediction programs, hull design, background to computational methods such as CFD and FEA, materials, model testing, safety engineering and many more theoretical topics relating to yacht design.

Individuals and bookshops wishing to purchase the volumes may contact the Wolfson Unit. 

Sailing Yacht Design - Theory
Sailing Yacht Design - Practice