News archive

  • Wolfson Stability Notice
    29 Oct 2021

    On 6th September 2021 the new Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Fishing Vessels (MSN 1871 Amendment 2) came into force.

  • HullScant Release 2 Splash
    01 Jul 2021

    The Wolfson Unit is pleased to announce the launch of HullScant 2, our new hull scantlings program for motor and sailing vessels under 24 metres. The program has been coded in accordance to the latest ISO standard 12215-5:2019.

  • Bodyrocket in the wind tunnel
    16 Jul 2020

    The Wolfson Unit was part of a collaborative team that has completed the first SPRINT funded project combining the use of wind tunnel testing and advanced data analysis techniques to support Bodyrocket in their development of an athlete aerodynamic drag measurement system.

  • Example of Wind Tunnel Downwind Sail PIV
    03 Jun 2020

    Etienne Gauvain will attend the INNOV’SAIL 2020 conference (online, 15-17 June 2020). He will be presenting a paper on the implementation of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) during wind tunnel testing of sailing yachts.

  • Wolfson Unit Tank Tests Macduff Trawler
    14 Nov 2019

    The Wolfson Unit have recently assisted Macduff Shipyards with the optimisation of a proposed 34m stern trawler hull form. The design brief to Macduff was to improve on the fuel efficiency and seakeeping characteristics of the owner’s existing vessel.

  • Rotor mounted on simple ship form
    18 Oct 2019

    The Wolfson Unit delivered a paper on "Predicted fuel savings for a Flettner Rotor assisted tanker using computational fluid dynamics" at the RINA Wind Propulsion 2019 Conference.

  • Sailing Yacht PIV
    07 Oct 2019

    The Wolfson Unit MTIA, in collaboration with the Fluid Structure Interactions Research Group at the University of Southampton, have recently performed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) wind tunnel tests on a sailing yacht. This new perspective opens numerous possibilities for the investigation of sailing yachts aerodynamics.

  • Wolfson Unit at CSYS 23
    07 Mar 2019

    Etienne Gauvain will attend the 23rd Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium in Annapolis (15-16 March 2019). He will be presenting a paper on the Wolfson Unit’s un-restrained sailing yacht model tests technique.

  • Model basin towing tank testing
    18 Oct 2018

    The Wolfson Unit have recently conducted un-restrained manoeuvring and seakeeping trials on a 24m, 60 knot fast patrol boat for Woori Oceantech. The aim of the tests was to establish the directional stability and motions of the vessel. Twin Arenson surface drives were modelled as part of the testing. 

  • 18 Oct 2018

    Van Oossanen Naval Architets have recently completed the design of an 80m aluminium construction semi-displacement motor yacht. In order determine the longitudinal bending moments and torsional loads in calm water and waves the Unit conducted towing tank and free running tests on a segmented model. The results have been used to aid the classification society's approval of the structure.