The Wolfson Unit adds huge value to the credibility of the Superyacht branch of the marine industry. We have a recently launched the 37 metre motor yacht, Ermis 2, which won an Innovation award at the Showboats International Superyacht Awards in Monaco; similarly we won an Innovation award from the same organisation fourteen years ago for the 38 metre sailing yacht Cyrano de Bergerac. The Wolfson Unit were instrumental in the success of both of these projects. They have vast testing experience of a huge range of craft and are absolutely at the core of the superyacht industry, working professionally and confidentially on behalf of a host of designers and naval architects.
Rob Humphreys
The Wolfson Unit of the University of Southampton are acknowledged experts in the field of super yachts - both sail and motor yachts.
Peter van Oossanen
For many of our superyacht designs we use the Wolfson Unit for wind tunnel testing and towing tank testing our models and rig layout. This is of great importance to help us to determine the correct hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces on large yachts that go beyond the standard calculation methods.
Ruurt Meulemans
We have used the services of Wolfson Unit since the building of the 58 m schooner Adix as far back as 1990 and the majority of our Superyacht designs since have had input from the Wolfson Unit. As a R&D and educational institute for the yachting industry the Wolfson Unit is one of the leaders.
Gerard Dijkstra
Ron Holland Design
The Wolfson Unit of Southampton University is a world renowned and reputable facility and I personally and professionally recommend this Company with which I have worked over many years. They are connected with most of the high quality shipyards and design studios all over the world and the Wolfson Unit has now become an essential part of the process of Yacht design and performance. Wolfson are one of the premier tank test units in the world.
Ron Holland
Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

The Wolfson unit have carried out tank testing and wind tunnel work on the majority of our designs over the past 20 years, with Aquel being the first Superyacht in 1985. We have an excellent relationship with the Wolfson Unit and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Malcolm McKeon
UK Sport
The work with the team at WUMTIA has been a truly world class experience. The enthusiasm and passion for excellence has shown through during this Olympiad. We hope for even more over the next 4 years as we try and build on the knowledge and insights we have gained with cycling and many other of our leading sports.
Scott Drawer